24 March 2010: Ramen Project 1

24 March 2010: Day 1 of the Ramen Project.

One trip to the store yielded $10.45 in groceries.

Dark Meat Chicken:                            $1.71

Pork Butt Roast:                                   $5.36

1# Carrots:                                              $0.59

.66# Zuchini:                                          $0.79

(12) Top Ramen Packages:                $2.00

Tonight’s meal: Barbecue [Flavored] Chicken with Ramen /Vegetable stirfry and crispy Fried Chicken Skin.

The chicken was cooked Sous Vide (73.8 Celsius) with a BBQ Dry rub, then seared and glazed with homemade barbecue sauce (left over from previous use).

The chicken skin was rendered in a frying pan and finished in an oven…resulted in something close to a pork rind.

For the noodle stir-fry, I cut two carrots and one zucchini on a Japaneese Mandolin on the medium setting. I boiled the [un-seasoned] water for the noodles, dropped them and covered for two minutes. then strained the noodles and poured the liquid over the vegetables. I put the noodles into the hot pan that the chicken had been seared in, strained the vegetables and added them to the noodles. Finally, I seasoned the noodles with the chicken flavored MSG packet that came with the ramen.

This meal was delicious! Total Cost: $1.72

As a side note…My immersion circulator is having some issues…time to troubleshoot.

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