28 March 2010: The Ramen Project Update

Okay, let’s get caught up on “The Ramen Project”…I’ve made a couple things since the last post:

Ramen Frittata. Pretty simple, boiled the noodles with the seasoning and strained really well, mixed with a few beaten eggs and pan fried…it was decent, but not too exciting.

Roast pork with crispy ramen/scallion cake and spicy Vietnamese pickles. The pork was the star of this dish, brined it over night in Chinese seasonings, roasted it [covered] @ 275 Farenheight until it hit 160 internal. removed it from the oven, let it rest while i cranked the oven up to 500, then gave it a couple minutes under the broiler to crisp the fat back…it was pretty awesome! I wanted to try it sous vide but I had an equipment malfunction 😦 still working that one out. I will bring the machine back to life! The ramen/scallion crisp was boiled noodles, sliced scallions crisped up in a lightly oiled non-stick….like hash browns (kinda). Vietnamese pickles are just some sambal, rice wine vinegar, sugar, and let some thinly sliced carrot and cucumber maserate.

Tonight I did a slaw with carrots, cabbage, red bell pepper, scallion, and a black sesame vinagrette. I had it with some of the left over pork…

So for those of you who are counting along at home that makes 4 dishes, one left to go…grocery list is looking like this:

  • Green onions (from wholefoods, cause my other grocery store was out)           $0.99
  • Cucumber (also overpriced from wholefoods)                           $1.53
  • Green Onions (from a normal grocery store)                                     $0.50
  • Rice Wine Vinegar (WAY more than I’ve used in all these recipies)                       $3.79
  • Red Bell Pepper                                                                                           $0.59
  • Total:                                                                                                                                                $7.40

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