Roast Chicken

Aschultz wrote:

Roast Chicken

This is by far the BEST roast chicken I’ve ever made…possibly the best I’ve ever eaten! Roast Chicken and potatoes is a dish that I’ve been making since I was about 12 years old. My mom would call me from work and say, "Alvin, Dinner should be ready at 5:30". In the fridge would be a whole chicken, some carrots, onions, and potatoes. We ate steamed white rice with EVERYTHING.  Cooking gear was meager, I would throw everything into a cheap [crappy] black roasting pan and steam some rice.


I would watch Julie Child videos and learned about making pan sauces, cutting techniques, etc…


I recently saw an episode of No Reservations featuring Thomas Keller roasting a chicken…I thought to my self, "None of my chickens look like that"…so I thought I’d give this old favorite another go…


Unlike Mr. Keller, I butterflied and partially deboned the chicken – mostly for my dislike of the ribcage bones.


I cut up some red potatoes and tossed them with salt/pepper and fresh rosemary and roasted them seperately from the chicken.


I made a very simple gravy from the chicken drippings.


As the chicken rested, I sprinkled it with chopped Lavender.


Here are the results.


maybe the best part of this…the entire meal (minus some staple items [~2tbls spn butter, flour, herbs from the garden, salt/peper, olive oil] costs $4.69…including the cost of about 2.5# extra potatoes, and chicken bones to be used in my next stock.



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