Catch Up 6.22.10

Sooooo much to catch up on!

1) Been traveling a lot…check out my Yelp! page to see some of the places I’ve been eating…


2) The sweetest cake of all…


3) Started talking to a pretty girl…Gave her these:

Lady @ the flower store: Oh, WOW! Those are so pretty…

ME: Thanks.

Lady: You did a GREAT job picking out the colors…

ME: Thanks.

Lady: And the way she’s arranging them, it almost looks like a wedding bouquet…

ME: WHOA! Easy up there…


Then I cooked the pretty girl dinner…

Handmade Pasta, Spicy White Wine sauce, Shrimp, Parsley and Cherry Tomatos…


Then this happened…;)

Planned? No…but I like the way it worked out!





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