Low tech Sous Vide Steak

Here you go Lance and John…
Now you have ‘no’ excuse! This was cooked in a cooler without an immersion circulator.

The steak was “sealed” in a ziplock bag- ‘no’ foodsaver needed.

Water temp was about 69C when I poured it into the cooler- enough to cover the steak by about one inch. Weighed the steak down with a small plate.

Stuck a probe thermometer in the water about an inch below the surface.

Cook time was 40 minutes. If the water had fallen below 57C, I would have added hot water to bring the temp up to around 60C.

At the end of the 40 minutes, I was at 59C… The steak came out a very good medium.

Finished it with a blow torch.

Topped with chipotle butter.

~Alvin Schultz


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