My first Souffle!

Inspired by Masterchef pressure test!

~Alvin Schultz


6 thoughts on “My first Souffle!

  1. Alvin,

    I had the same problem as you with following the original plans on Seattle Food Geek’s website for the DIY sous vide. I found your modification and tried looking at your drawing, but it is too small and I can’t see anything. I’ve already built/wired it per the original DIY sous vide wiring schematic. Can you help me figure out what modifications I need to make to the wiring so that I can get rid of the secondary relay. I’m only assuming this is the problem and not that I made a mistake wiring. Right now, the PID controller turns on and the pump turns on, but the heating elements do not heat. I’m not sure if thermocouple is working properly either. Please help me.


    • To remove the relay in Scotts instructions simply wire the power directly to the PID where the relay would have connected–only do this If you think your Pid has an internal relay (you should hear it clicking when the output light comes on and off) if your heaters aren’t warming up check the voltage on the outlet, you should have around 110 when the out1 light is on on the pid

  2. I don’t have an outlet wired in my system. I used the exact wiring instructions per scott’s original plans. The OUT1 light always stays on. How do I tell if my relay is wired correctly? I originally wired it per Scott’s plans as if I were facing the posts (I think I read that might have been upside down). I have a multimeter, but I have no idea how to use it. I really appreciate you helping me.


  3. ok. i had the relay wired incorrectly. i wired it correctly per scott’s diagram and the probe was working correctly, but my heater’s were always on. my set value was at 15 and the pv was at 48.0 and increasing. so, if facing the pins on the relay, i put the wire connected to the top right and connected it to the top left. now my heater’s will not turn on. if you know what my next step should be, i’d appreciate it. thanks,


    • Is you Pid set to cooling instead of heating. If the set value is 15 and the set value is 15 and the input temp is 45 heaters won’t tur. On- try increasing the set value

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