Now I know why people love eggs bennedict



Having never had them before, I decided to give it a crack…mostly to experiment with making hollandaise sauce. The sauce was the only thing I kept traditional.


Not being a big fan of them, I replaced the customary english muffins, I did a blue cornmeal hoe cake filled with roasted corn, roasted [and seeded] jalepeno, and scallion. I pan fried these in butter.


I was about 8 years old at my grandparent’s house the last time ate Canadian bacon… needless to say i didn’t have any just laying around. I did have a spicy lamb and pork linguisa sausage (left over from my scottish egg experiment) which I thought would do nicely. I pan fried it whole, then sliced it about 1/4" thick.


No poached eggs here, I went Sous Vide at 62.2C…although the immersion circulator crept up to 64C once…no worries the yolks were still right at the edge of custardy and the whites silky smooth. I can’t imagine how a poached egg is better than this.


Enough talk, here are the results! (played around with plating a bit…which one do you like best?





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