Finalized my menu for Thanksgiving


Breast of Tur-duck-en: cooked Sous Vide then roasted. I’m not expecting too many people (certainly not enough to justify an entire Turducken) so I thought I’d just do the breast…a bit more elegant.


"Canned" cranberry/pomegranent sauce: Cranberries will be cooked Sous Vide to just before they burst, then I’ll make a cranberry pomegranent jelly with ginger and vanilla and mold it all into a recycled can so it has all the ridges you’d expect.


Fried gnocchi: Instead of mashed potatos.


Tur-duck-en gravy: Old school, dark roux, home made turducken stock made with roasted bones and aromatics.


Green bean Casserole topped with fried green bean casserole: the classic but instead of french’s onions, I’ll batter some fresh haricot vert with cream of mushroom and roll them in crushed frenchs onions and give them a quick bath in hot oil.


Sausage and Sage Dressing: made with homemade blue corn bread and buscuits.


Buttermilk pie: you haven’t lived until you’ve had it!





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