Aeropress: A new Multitasker

I’ve been making coffee at work for about a year using an
It’s way faster than a french press, makes cleaner coffee
(Less Grit and sediment) and is perfect for making a single
americano…I wouldn’t replace my vaccum
with one, but it’s a solid companion. Tonight i tried
another use for the aeropress: making juice. Happy to report, it
worked great! I made two juices: Jalepeno-Scallion Raw Beet I cut
up the ingredients, blitzed them in a blender with just enough
water to get them moving. Pressed them through a filter, and voila!
perfect juice. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t enough to knock out
orange juice for your family breakfast, but it’s enough for a batch
of spherified
🙂 I was pleasantly surprised at how well juicing
the hard, fresh, uncooked beet was. Stay tuned for shperification


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