Late night Ravioli

Late night…

It’s a late night of drinking… who dosen’t like that? I had a great time at Red Bull Music Academy listening to Questlove of The Roots band (rumor has it Jimmy Fallon was also in the house) but he didn’t introduce himself… RUDE. Also, Houston’s own Bun B was present. Ain’t no party like a Red Bull Party:)

So the night is over- do I stop for a late night bite at the Texas Tradition What-a-burger? Or do I swing by my preferred late night spot One’s a Meal or Katz’s Deli?

Nope- I decide I’ll go home and make something… fresh pasta. Ravioli. With Aldrefo sauce. Modernists often take a lot of heat for "not mastering the basics"… This may be true with some, but not me! I spent over 20 years cooking "traditionally" … long before I even knew what a hydrocolloid or sous vide was!

Most chefs will tell you that Ravioli is a technical mine field… finding the perfect balance of filling:pasta (60:40), making the perfect seal, making sure the filling isn’t too wet, gently boiling, and perfect saucing… a lot can go wrong. Especially after a few Red Bull Cocktails.

I decided I would take this on… and complete my late night snack in less than an hour (including taking photos). Here is what happened…

Time check.

(Since all the measurements were eye-balled, the actual recipe is at the end of the post. Measurements have been approximated)

No time for measuring… eyeballed this:

~1/4 Cup Semolina Flour.

~3/4 Cup All Purpose Flour.

1 pinch salt.

Mix to combine and make a well… add two whole eggs and 1/2 table spoon olive oil.

Beat the eggs with your finger and slowly pull in the flour from the well.

Until the mixture forms a ball of dough.

Wrap in plastic wrap.

And stick it in the fridge to rest and allow the flour to hydrate with the water from the eggs.

Why didn’t I just eat that left over Kung Pao? Cause I’m a glutton for punishment! While the dough is resting, get to work on the filling… and check the time.

Blanch and shock a handful of spinach. Be sure to use heavily salted water for blanching and plenty of ice to shock the greens.

While the water is coming up to a boil, put about 1/2 cup goat cheese (Chevre) in a ziploc (I have never bought a piping bag in my life…) don’t forget to season the cheese with salt.

Back to blanching the spinach… you’ve seen this technique before.

After 15 seconds in boiling water, transfer to the ice bath.

Drain thoroughly, mince, and add to cheese bag.

Drop the sealed bag into the water for a few seconds to make it easier to fully combine the spinach into the cheese.

Next, roll out the dough… I knead using the tri fold method 5 times

Run through widest setting and fold in thirds.

repeat five times.

next, form a loop with your pasta.

Keep running this loop through the machine and go thinner and thinner. I stopped at #6 on the kitchenaid roller.

Flour your work surface.

Lay out a single layer of your pasta. Cut the corner off your cheese bag and pipe quarter sized dollaps of the cheese-spinach filling about 3/4" apart.

Apply a sparing amount of water around each of the mounds to the pasta will seal, you can use a pastry brush or your finger tips. Then, gently cover with another layer of pasta.

Work out all the air bubbles with your finger tips.

Trim and repeat.

Ravioli ready to drop in boiling water…

But before you cook the pasta, start the sauce.

2 tblspn butter

2 tblspn All Purpose Flour

1 Pinch Salt

Melt to a white roux

Add a bit of fresh grated nutmeg.

Careful not to let the roux brown… add about 1/2 cup heavy cream

Mince two cloves of garlic

Then add a heavy pinch of Kosher salt and smash the garlic against the cutting board with your knife. The salt will act as an abrasive and help you to make a fine garlic paste.

Add your garlic to the cream sauce.

Drop the pasta into water (rolling boil) for about 90 seconds.

Strain the pasta directly into the alfredo sauce… add about 2-3 tblspns of the pasta water.

Add a touch of butter, cream, and a few grinds of black pepper.

Toss to combine.

Plate and add some fresh grated parmesean cheese… DONE!

Seven minutes to spare! Late night eats that you can’t get at ANY drive through… What better to soak up a few onces of Grey Goose than Goat Cheese/Spinach Ravioli with Scratch made Alfredo Sauce?

I know this is kind of reverse order, but here are the approximate quantities of ingredient I used… everything was eyeballed because I was working under a self inflicted clock.


3/4 Cup All Purpose Flour

1/4 Cup Semolina Flour

1 pinch salt

2 eggs

1/2 tblspn olive oil

Flour for work surface (~1/4 Cup All Purpose)



3/4 Cup Goat Chevre

1 handful fresh spinach leaves (blanched, shocked, drained, minced)

1 pinch salt



2 tblspn butter

2 tblspn flour

1/2 cup heavy cream

1/4 tspn fresh ground nutmeg

Fresh ground black pepper (to taste)

1 pinch salt (or to taste)


2 tblspn pasta water


1 tblspn butter + 2 tblspn cream (for finnishing sauce)


Fresh grated Parmesean Cheese (to taste)

Fresh Cracked Pepper (to taste)


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