Corned Beef

My new friend Jeff put a post on his blog about home-making corned beef… I have decided to take this challenge on. I love corned beef and feel like it’s one of those things that I will be able to do at a higher level of quality than I can readily buy… so here goes.

I want my finished corned beef to be served at my St. Patrick’s Day party. I also plan to cook the corned beef brisket Sous Vide at 57 Celsius for about 72 hours. So working backward from 17 March, that means I had to start the seven day curing process today.


I used the serious eats cure recipe as a starting point and also converted volumetric measurements to weight. I also didn’t start this recipe early enough to order Saltpeter on amazon, and couldn’t find any locally… I did find the next best thing, curing salt. I actually found it at two places… Williams Sonoma had it for about $8, and my local latin grocery store had it for $1.19… about the same size jar, guess which one I chose?


Here’s the recipe:

1 beef brisket (~10 pounds) trimmed of most fat [more on this later]… reserve fat for later use.

318 grams Kosher Salt.

30 grams Curing Salt.

50 grams Brown Sugar.

12 grams Ground Ginger.


48 grams Black Pepper Corns.

26 grams Black Mustard Seed.

27 grams Yellow Mustard Seed.

20 grams Coriander Seed.

15 pcs Whole Cloves.

12 pcs Dried Bay Leaf, torn.

2 grams Whole Juniper Berries.

9 grams Cinnamon stick.


Mix the salt, curing salt, brown sugar, and ginger in a medium bowl.


Toast the whole spices in a dry pan.


When you can easily smell the delicious aroma that is corned beef (and the mustard seeds start popping) grind the spices in a coffee grinder and add to the sugar/salt(s)/ginger mixture… mix thuroughly.


Rinse your brisket.


Trim off all fat (DO NOT THROW IT AWAY!) and portion into thirds.


Bag the fat and store it in the fridge.


Using a food saver, seal each third of the brisket, thuroughly rubbed with the curing mix. Store in the fridge for 7 days.


Check back for updates!







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