Coconut dry ice sorbet

My friend Donna suggested that I post more videos. Most of the cooking I do is for myself so it’s difficult to be camera man and cook. Tonight for dessert,  I propped the camera up and recorded this video. This recipe/technique is a summer favorite… I will also be submitting it to a cookbook that my company is compiling… I hope you enjoy!



495g Coconut milk (one can)

150g honey

zest and juice of one grapefruit


1/2 pound dry ice

stand mixer with whisk attachment.


Method: (See video)

Mix coconut milk, honey, and grapefruit over low heat to dissolve. Chill mixture once combined.

Crush dry ice into a "Snow" texture and place in the bowl of mixer.

Turn the mixer on low and pour sorbet base. Stop when mixture is frozen to desired consistency.




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