Car Bomb cupcakes

That car bomb was disgusting…


But car bomb cupcakes… delicious! I was thinking up dessert ideas for a St. Patty’s day party this year. Chocolate and Guinness are a natural pairing. The addition of a Bailey’s butter crème made for "Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes".

I realize this recipe is a little late for St. Patty’s day… but let’s just say last night I was in no condition to blog:) I hope you enjoy the recipe… it’s delicious even if you’re not wearing green.


I adapted Heston Blumenthal’s sponge cake recipe for the cupcakes. Here is the ingredient list:


For the Cupcakes:

70g Brown Butter.

30g Shortening.

45g Vegetable Oil.

4 Eggs, seperated.

120g Guinness.

50g Unsweetened Cocoa Powder.

130g Cake Flour.

3g Salt.

6g Baking Powder.

200g Powdered Sugar, divided in half.

1g Cream of Tartar.


For the Guinness Syrup:

151g Guinness.

151g Sugar.


For the Bailey’s Butter crème:

220g Butter.

220g Powdered Sugar.

75g Bailey’s Irish Cream Liquor.



First, we need to brown the butter. What we want to do here is apply some Maillard Reaction to the milk solids in butter. This will lends a nutty flavor to the finished cupcake. However, "brown butter" is just a few seconds away from burnt butter… Start by melting the butter.


While the butter is melting, separate the eggs. The butter will take about 15 minutes to brown, mine looked like this when I pulled it from the heat.


Next, skim off the milk solids.


We need the butter to cool so stick it in the fridge for about 20 minutes. While the butter is cooling, sift together the cocoa, cake flour, salt, baking powder, and 100 grams of the powdered sugar. Reserve the other 100 grams of powdered sugar to mix with the egg whites.


Start the egg whites in the stand mixer. beat them about 30 seconds to loosen them up. Then add the cream of tartar until the whites are foamy. When the whites are foamy, add the remaining 100 grams of powdered sugar and beat the meringue to soft peaks.


Now we are ready to mix the brown butter, vegetable oil, and shortening with the egg yolks. We are basically going to make a mayonnaise. Place the egg yolks in the bottom of a tall thin cup and place all of the fats on top of the eggs. Plunge your stick blender into the bottom of the cup and let her rip. As the emulsion starts to form, slowly start to lift the blades of the blender, incorperating more and more fat. Continue until all of the butter is emmulsified.


Here is what the finished product looks like.


Next, blend in the Guinness. You’ll undoubtedly note that the cake recipe only calls for 120 grams of beer and a typical bottle of Guinness contains more than 120 grams of beer… I’ll let you figure out what to do with the rest:)


Next fold all of the ingredients into a batter. Take care to keep the mix as light as possible, retaining as much air from the meringue as possible.


Load up some cupcake wrappers and bake for about 10 minutes until a toothpick inserted comes out clean.


Next, dissolve the Guinness and sugar to make the Guinness syrup. Use a marinade syringe to squirt about 1 oz of syrup into each cupcake.


For the frosting just mix everything with your stand mixer…easy! You can either use a piping bag or an offset spatula to apply the frosting. you now have a car bomb that tastes good!


Hooray for adult flavored cupcakes, leprechauns, and Booze!



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