The Best Steak I’ve Ever Made.


No detailed recipe tonight… I’m still getting over the meat-gasam I just had. I tried the “Sear- Sous Vide- Sear” method tonight and the results were stunning.


I used the left rib-eye left over from last night’s egg yolk filled meat experiment. After the first sear, it occured to me that the gaping hole in the center of the steak was slightly unsightly. Here’s what it looked like last night after cutting the medallion out:


Enter out friend Meat Glue! I took the seared steak (which I had previously seasoned with hickory smoked salt) and applied meat glue to the cannonball sized wound. I bagged it all in the food saver and then circulated that shit. (This pic was taken after the sear and 2 hour bath at 54.5 Celsius.)


While the pan was getting hot, I oil blanched (325F) some fries that I cut and soaked in water.


The steak in the pan about 90 seconds per side, basted in butter.


As the meat was resting I dropped the fries into 375F oil to crisp up. Once crispy and drained, I seasoned with sea salt and a bit of house made BBQ seasoning.


Steak, Fries, Curry Ketchup, St. Arnolds Spring Bock (In a SNIFTER) = Good night!


Graphic food porn:




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