The last post on this blog

Hello Readers!
I am excited to announce that this will be the very last post on this blog. I have moved all of the previous posts to my new website,!

At EatDrinkEXPERIENCE, you’ll find ALL of the content you enjoyed here plus some very new and exciting posts… It’s gonna be a whirlwind over the next few months and I am sure you will enjoy it!

Thanks for all of the support you have shown and thanks for reading!

Be sure to check out the new site and say hi in the comments!

Eating LA

Recently, I was in Los Angeles again. On my last visit to the city of angles, among other great food experiences, I had the pleasure of dining at the Bazaar by Jose Andres. This trip also had some exceptional meals. I will quickly recap them for you. Continue reading

How far is heaven?

When Los Lonely Boys sang the song, the answer was as simple as “SW 3rd and Oak; Portland, OR”…just about equidistant to Stumptown Coffee Roasters and VooDoo Donuts where you can enjoy a Maple Bacon Bar. You can also buy hot stumptown at VooDoo, but a hot summer day deserves a cold brew!

~Alvin Schultz