Cartopia 12th and Hawthorne

Cartopia 12th and Hawthorne(Portland, OR) Food Carts


Better late than never…


WOW! What an amazing place! So much amazing food!

Where do I start…Pyro’s Pizza: “I have an idea, let’s build a wood fired, brick pizza oven inside of a mobile food truck and sell incredible hand made neopalitan style pizza for $7-9. That’ll be a good idea”

Here are some of the results:

Note the Pizza Oven on the Left:


Here’s the Pepperoni I ordered…it’s made with local perpperoni from Otto’s Sausages:


While I was waiting they had an extra sausage and mushroom they sold me for $5J


On to the next one…

Whiffie’s Fried Pies.

Chicken Curry in a crispy fried pocket…delish!



Potato Champion…Get the fries and all of their dipping sauces! Pass on the cheese curd mess, stick with the rosemary-truffle ketchup!


Cartopia is now a mandatory stop for me on my PDX visitsJ