Foodgasam- Not your pappa’s Surf and Turf.

I wasn’t going to write a blog post tonight… I planned on cooking a simple dinner and getting some work done. A trip to the grocery store on my way home set into action a course of events that would change my plans… and possibly my life.


WARNING: What follows is graphic food porn. It’s not for the faint of heart- or vegetarians. Proceed with caution.


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Thoughts on Modernist Cuisine

First off, sorry for the lack of cooking posts this week. I’ve been away from home on an exciting project… I hope to get caught up soon with some Restaurant reviews, and dining experiences from my recent travels and hopefully a few new recipes too… next week will be a busy blogging week. In the mean time, I thought I’d share some random thoughts that I had at 30,000 feet above somewhere in Arizona… enjoy!

There’s been a lot of media lately about modernist cooking and Modernist Cuisine. If you haven’t figured out by reading the blog I am a big fan of new cooking techniques and re-interpretations of dishes. But I thought I’d share some of my kitchen philosophy.

So critics of the modernist movement say that we are ruining food with the addition of “chemicals”… ALL cooking is chemistry, ALL food is composed of chemical compounds. Modernist cooking is the victim of bad marketing. This is both good and bad. In 1869 sodium bicarbonate was packed into small metal cans by Harvard professor Eden Horsford. You probably have sodium bicarbonate in your pantry right now, knowledgeable bakers will know that sodium bicarbonate is more commonly known as baking powder. Continue reading