Black Mole Surf and Turf

This recipe is no joke… I had a rare Saturday off and decided to take on an epic challenge. Twenty nine ingredients, about three and a half hours cook time (for the sauce alone!)… Have you guessed it? For the first time today, I attempted an Black Mole. Not knowing anything about moles, I turned to the Monarch Mole: Rick Bayless.  In fact, as I was headed out to buy the ingredients, I tweeted… not expecting it to be much help… but about half way through the cooking, I checked my phone to see this!



How awesome is that?! A world renowned chef took time out of his Saturday to "speak" to me! It occured to me that I was spending all day making a sauce that I would use about two tablespoons of on the final plate… Would it be worth the time and effort? It was… this recipe is LIFE CHANGING! Here’s how I got there.



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