The last post on this blog

Hello Readers!
I am excited to announce that this will be the very last post on this blog. I have moved all of the previous posts to my new website,!

At EatDrinkEXPERIENCE, you’ll find ALL of the content you enjoyed here plus some very new and exciting posts… It’s gonna be a whirlwind over the next few months and I am sure you will enjoy it!

Thanks for all of the support you have shown and thanks for reading!

Be sure to check out the new site and say hi in the comments!

The Ultimate Gnocchi Recipe and Crockpot Sous Vide #BREAKTHROUGH!


This week, I needed to make gnocchi for a project that I cannot tell you about. Do I have your interest yet? EXCITED? MOTIVATED? Good! I’ve made gnocchi before, but these gnocchi needed to be REALLY good. They needed to be STUNNING. THE most AMAZING gnocchi ANYWHERE… no pressure Alvin. Continue reading

What Inspires You?

Today, I had a rare Saturday off of work… the joys of retail life. After cleaning up a major pile of dishes from last night, I visited the Urban Harvest Farmer’s Market. As I walked around, tasting samples and looking at some amazing produce, I made my first purchase. One vendor had one of his candy striped beets sliced open. The concentric rings of red and white were intoxicating. I bought the $2 bundle of organic beets and went along my way. Earlier this week, my friend Jennifer suggested that I try green garlic. After searching booth after booth I found some! I bought a bundle and found some breakfast at Fusion Taco (the best breakfast tacos I’ve ever had!).


Beets and green garic do not a dinner make, so I went to Central Market and bought a single beef short rib, a dish was coming together in my mind.


After a relaxing, then stressful (went swimming with my iPhone 4 in my pocket… for 2 hours!), then relaxing (Apple replaced it! More on that later), I started to cook dinner.


The menu: Coffee Braised short rib, Sous Vide beets, Green Garlic mashed potato, Green Garlic Confit, Micro Broccoli Greens.


Here’s the recipe: Continue reading

Viva Tejas


Viva Tejas! Viva la revolution! Today is Texas Independence day… One hundred and seventy five years ago, the lone star state declared independence from the tyrannical Mexican rule. To commemorate this, I started a tradition last year of preparing a meal composed of Texas grown ingredients.

Continue reading

Cartopia 12th and Hawthorne

Cartopia 12th and Hawthorne(Portland, OR) Food Carts


Better late than never…


WOW! What an amazing place! So much amazing food!

Where do I start…Pyro’s Pizza: “I have an idea, let’s build a wood fired, brick pizza oven inside of a mobile food truck and sell incredible hand made neopalitan style pizza for $7-9. That’ll be a good idea”

Here are some of the results:

Note the Pizza Oven on the Left:


Here’s the Pepperoni I ordered…it’s made with local perpperoni from Otto’s Sausages:


While I was waiting they had an extra sausage and mushroom they sold me for $5J


On to the next one…

Whiffie’s Fried Pies.

Chicken Curry in a crispy fried pocket…delish!



Potato Champion…Get the fries and all of their dipping sauces! Pass on the cheese curd mess, stick with the rosemary-truffle ketchup!


Cartopia is now a mandatory stop for me on my PDX visitsJ