Another Tasty Quiche. Bacon Lattice!

Remember the quiche with bacon in the crust? Well that dough recipe is enough for two pie shells [and two galettes] So here’s another simply but tasty filling/idea. Continue reading

Real men MAKE quiche



Real men MAKE quiche. With Bacon. In the crust… yeah, I said it: Bacon in the crust. I have been using the same Good Eats pie dough recipe for a couple of years. Of course, I made a few adjustments like using blue corn meal, and replacing the apple juice concentrate with vodka (blue corn meal and vodka are two of my favorite ingredients). But recently I started to consider the science behind the recipe that I took out of the book once a year. Why was there cornmeal in the original recipe? What role does the liquid play? And I began experimenting…

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