Kung Pao

I love Kung Pao chicken. This Chinese classic was [and still is] my mom’s favorite order. I wanted to create this at home tonight, because I have not found a place in Houston that makes it as good as the local Beaverton, OR restaurant my family would order it from growing up. I took inspiration from one of my favorite chefs, Martin Yen. If you’ve never seen Chef Yen break down a chicken… click the link and buckle your seatbelt! I took a look at his Kung Pao Recipe and adapted it to match the tastes I remember from going out with my family.

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Pressure cooker

I recently bought a pressure cooker…if you did not previously tell me to own one, I am mad at you!


Rice in 10 minutes, pork belly in 12 minutes, and what is shaping up to be a great creme brulee custard in 3 minutes!


I predict this will change my culinary landscape.


BTW, my local costco has this one on sale for $69…go buy one NOW!