The science of cookies

"Baking is a science…" How many times have you heard that? Well it is… kind of. If you know a bit about science, you can improvise recipe with surprisingly good results. Let’s take a look at cookies. My standard cookie recipe is as follows:

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Corned Beef

My new friend Jeff put a post on his blog about home-making corned beef… I have decided to take this challenge on. I love corned beef and feel like it’s one of those things that I will be able to do at a higher level of quality than I can readily buy… so here goes.

I want my finished corned beef to be served at my St. Patrick’s Day party. I also plan to cook the corned beef brisket Sous Vide at 57 Celsius for about 72 hours. So working backward from 17 March, that means I had to start the seven day curing process today.


I used the serious eats cure recipe as a starting point and also converted volumetric measurements to weight. I also didn’t start this recipe early enough to order Saltpeter on amazon, and couldn’t find any locally… I did find the next best thing, curing salt. I actually found it at two places… Williams Sonoma had it for about $8, and my local latin grocery store had it for $1.19… about the same size jar, guess which one I chose?


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